Trade war could have a devastating effect on the Caribbean

By Lincoln DePradine A decade ago, events began unfolding in the United States that, at first,  received little or no attention from Caribbean politicians and other citizens of the region. Those events began in 2007 with a crisis in the United States mortgage market and mushroomed into a full-blown international banking crisis and a global […]

Canada must realize that trade is war

By Carlton Joseph Since the  1990s the United States trade negotiators have been pushing “Free Trade,” including the removal of tariffs, government subsidies and other measures that will limit the role of government.   The World Trade Organization (WTO) was established to deal with the regulation of trade in goods, services and intellectual property between participating […]

Detention and release under Canadian immigration law

Detention and release under Canadian immigration law

Immigration matters Sukhram Ramkissoon   Detention and release under Canadian immigration law In the many years that I have represented clients at immigration hearings, I have  found that people  who come to my office often do not have  basic information about  detention and  release under Canadian law. I would like, therefore, to discuss  this subject […]

The former dark horse can run away with the prize

NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s solid performance in last Sunday’s debate confirms the new trend: the NDP has progressed from being the dark horse to emerging as the frontrunner in the race to form the next provincial government of Ontario. Meanwhile, incumbent Premier Kathleen Wynne is steadying her Liberal Party’s position. As a debater, she was […]

‘With Doug Ford as Premier, I could be homeless’

Letter to the editor ‘With Doug Ford as Premier, I could  be homeless’     Dear Editor: When I heard that the recent news that Doug Ford was in favor of lifting rent control on those buildings where it still exists,  that really got me thinking. I  know many people in the Caribbean community in […]

A respectful debate

What have Ontarians gained from the first public match-up featuring the province’s three political musketeers? There was no fire and brimstone. There were few, if any, developments that caused a significant shift in voters’ opinions. But the Ontario Provincial Leaders debate had a respectful and courteous tone that contrasted sharply with the viciousness and personal […]