Property Watch for Jamaicans in Canada

Property Watch for Jamaicans in Canada

Jamaica’s National Land Agency (NLA) launched its new online anti-property fraud service, Property Watch,  at the recent Jamaica National Group Expo held at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton, Ontario. The event brought together companies in the JN (Jamaica National ) Group, government agencies and real estate developers and construction companies to provide a one-stop […]

More Caribbean nationals facing deportation under new US immigration policy

More Caribbean nationals facing deportation  under new US immigration policy

NEW YORK – When Nevisian Floyel Stapleton appeared in a Manhattan Criminal Court in New York for a routine hearing in his misdemeanour assault case, he was stunned to be met by US federal immigration agents as he left the courtroom. “I didn’t know they were there. They were in plain clothes. They had no […]

Man who claims to hear voices gets another shot at refugee claim

Convention refugees are persons who are outside their home country or the country where they normally live, and who are unwilling to return to that country because of a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, public opinion or membership in a  particular social group. A social group can be: A group someone is […]

Undocumented immigrant in Canada gets good news

Immigration   is now a hot topic in major news media in the United States and various politicians and commentators are speaking out against President Donald Trump’s stringent laws with respect to the deportation of all undocumented immigrants in that country, totaling nearly 13 million. Is this a humanitarian way of dealing with the undocumented?  This […]

‘Mr. Minister, you have walked the walk’

‘Mr. Minister, you have walked the walk’

An open letter to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Dear  Minister Hussen, Let me congratulate you on your appointment as Minster of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. As I am sure you are aware, your appointment has been greeted with elation in many communities across Canada. In your own Somalian community in Toronto, there […]

Former refugee now minister of refugees

Former refugee now minister of refugees

Ahmed Hussen, the first Somali-Canadian elected to the House of Commons and MP for the  Toronto riding of York South-Weston, replaced  John McCallum as minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship in a cabinet shakeup  on Tuesday. McCallum, a former bank economist, leaves a 16-year political career as the MP for Markham-Thornhill to become Canada’s ambassador […]

Jamaica-born British couple allowed to apply for permanent resident status from within Canada

Alan and Alice – not their real names – are a Jamaica-born British couple who traveled from their home in   the United Kingdom to Canada from time to time to visit their daughter and her two Canadian-born children in Toronto. While these visits to Canada brought great joy to the couple, all too soon they […]

Widespread criminality in Guyana: Federal court judge

Immigration Matters A Chinese family fled their home in Guyana in 2015 and came to Canada  claiming  protection from criminals. Their claims were turned down by both Canada’s Refugee Protection Division  and the Refugee Appeal Division  which found that they were neither Convention refugees  nor persons in need of protection  in  Canada. But the story […]

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