Are we under-estimating racism in Canada?

Do Canadians think of any countries as “shithole” countries? Why do so many of us keep harping on the proposition that Canadians are far less racist than Americans? In a recent bipartisan meeting held to discuss US immigration reform, President Donald Trump is reported to have wondered aloud: “why are we having all these people […]

Letter from the Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

At the beginning of this New Year, as we approach the 28th anniversary  of  your favourite community newspaper, I would like to say thanks to our faithful readers, advertisers and contributors and to let you know of our  exciting plans to make The Caribbean Camera more relevant to the needs of our  community. First of […]

Two bites at the electoral cherry in 2018

“What’s in it for us?” is the standard question that so many communities and business groups ask themselves in the run-up to the municipal and provincial elections that are scheduled for this year 2018. Torontonians will be doing themselves a great disservice if they consider that they are simply choosing between John Tory and Doug […]

Canada appeases Trump in UN vote on Israel’s capital

The Trudeau government and a few CARICOM countries abandoned their principled position on a negotiated settlement of the Palestinian aspiration to full and meaningful independence. Up until a crucial vote at the United Nations General Assembly last week, Canada had fully supported this Palestinian aspiration as a major component of the two-state solution (for both […]

New US policy raises difficult questions for the Caribbean

By David Jessop By law, every US President must publish a national security strategy. The objective is to provide the highest-level guidance on the responses required by the country’s military, diplomatic, and executive branches to real or perceived threats. Last Tuesday, following a speech by President Trump outlining his approach to national security, the White House […]

My hope for 2018

In this final issue for the year I wish to thank readers of the Caribbean Camera for their continued support and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a healthy, successful and prosperous New Year.   I also want to thank you for your comments on the articles I have authored and hope you continue to […]

Battling Anti-Black racism in 2017

There can be no doubt that 2017 has seen significant progress in the battle against anti-Black racism. Just last week, the Ontario government publicized its Anti-Black Racism Strategy, an implementation blueprint that falls squarely within the ambit of its policy document of earlier this year entitled “A Better Way Forward: Ontario’s Three-Year Anti-Racism Strategic Plan”. […]

Sovereignty can only be achieved through unity

By Carlton Joseph As  2017 comes to an end, Caribbean countries need to seriously assess our position in the world.  We must ask ourselves why are we poorer, after implementing IMF Structural Adjustment Programs that were supposed to improve our lives?  Is democracy, as practiced in the Caribbean, working for us?  Why is crime escalating […]

Why is slavery still alive today?

Why is slavery still alive today?

How is it possible that slavery has reappeared on the African continent as an ongoing commercial enterprise? While due note is to be taken of the shocked and embarrassed reactions and the political decisions on the part of African governments and the international agencies, Jamaica and Canada are to be commended for taking strong positions […]

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