Islamophobia at our Canadian borders

But who shall guard the border guards themselves? How do we protect asylum-seekers entering Canada from naked islamophobia on the part of Canadian officials at our borders? How do we protect ourselves and our country’s egalitarian values from the consequences of such human rights abuses? Who is to protect our country’s institutions, policies and practices […]

Indentureship in the 21st century

According to press reports last week, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Appeals Tribunal found that the WISB, by cutting off an injured seasonal agricultural worker’s loss-of-earnings entitlement, had denied him the very benefits that it was supposed to provide. Those same media reports also highlighted the appalling fact that it took nine years for […]

‘Denying the truth we have just lived’

How many category five hurricanes will it take to convince naysayers like Donald Trump that climate change is real? Would a  killer hurricane, like the ones that battered Barbuda and Dominica, have to demolish the White House before the billionaire who  now occupies  it realizes that we are facing a problem of global magnitude? Perhaps […]

Joy, success and benefits from CARIFESTA XIII

Joy, success and benefits from CARIFESTA XIII

By Michael G-A. Lashley The members of the Canadian-Caribbean contingent to the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (CARIFESTA XIII) in Barbados (August 17-27, 2017) found joy, success and professional benefits galore. This was the first contingent of Caribbean Diaspora artists (resident outside of the Caribbean region) ever to be officially invited to participate in CARIFESTA. […]

The value of the genuine Caribbean

By David Jessop  In an age when most in the business of tourism are seeking to increase their income by selling authenticity to millennials and baby-boomers, it is perhaps puzzling that another rapidly growing industry segment now wants to deliver just the opposite. Type the words ‘private islands’ into a search engine and it is […]

Coordinate relief efforts after Hurricane Irma

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, there is one key lesson of the past that bears repeating: in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, our hurricane relief efforts need to be both targeted and well coordinated. While all donations of cash, materials and services are welcome, there are always too many relief ventures that have not […]

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