We going CRAZY this weekend


After a seven-year hiatus Trinidadian calypsonian Edwin Ayoung better known as “Crazy”, is back in the Metropolitan Center on November 12.

Widely regarded as the founding father of Soca Parang- a melodic cocktail of soca and hymnal Latin music – “Crazy” headlines a mega cast which includes International recording artist Richard Luces and New York City’s QP for the 17th annual Soca Parang Lime.

“Crazy” who unleashed the unique blend of music on the world stage in 1978 with his hit song “what is that”?  Will be backed by hometown favorites Los Pajaros, Los Amigos and super band Moka.

In the season of giving the veteran musician had a very poignant message for fellow calypsonians and parang/soca entertainers “I am begging the young singers to keep it holy…keep it clean. Don’t let the art form degenerate. Christmas is a sacred season. Jesus is the point [of] the season.”

To See Ayoung go “Crazy” once more be at 3840 Finch Avenue East at 6 p.m.